What persuaded us, as complete ‘newbies’ to the world of caravanning and outback travel, to consider creating a website on a subject we knew very little about? Sure, I had towed a bit in the past and Karin’s expertise as a photographer and designer for her own website would help, but to truly answer the question we have to go back to the beginning of 2018.

The decision was made in that January to leave my office-based job and return to a FIFO (fly in fly out) position. The previous few years had been more stressful than either of us had anticipated, and we both wanted to make the change before it started to take its toll on family life. It was finally the right time to discover the country we had adopted some twenty years previously and we were determined that having become ‘empty nesters’, we weren’t going to waste another minute.

I am sure it comes as no surprise to many that this was a revelation of sorts, but the translation of the many wine fed discussions into reality was not only going to burn up some cash but was going to be a significant leap into the unknown.  Now we, of course, are not the first and we certainly won’t be the last to take this path, but we wanted to record the start-up and our travels for all of our friends around the world. It seemed logical, with a photographer as part of the team, that we would document as much as we could in an easily accessible format and so the site was born.

How did we come up with the name? All credit for that belongs to Karin but again it goes back to those early discussions about what we really wanted to do. We had considered and even tried the nice car and multiple weekends away. We had even considered buying a small holiday home.  Returning time and time again to the same location, however, had never been our thing and so some form of camping it was. Every location and campsite is going to be a new backyard and out of that concept was born the name 1000Backyards.

Across this site, we will document every aspect of our adventure from the choice of car, caravan, items of equipment and of course the 1000 backyards.  With photography, film and a blog on every site, we will hopefully contribute to the incredible amount of information already available and in our own small way help lay a brick or two on the path for those to come.

I have always believed that you are never too old to learn so we hope you enjoy the site and will contribute with comments, good or bad as, on a purely self-preservationist note, I would like to learn from you all and avoid at least some of the “gotchas’ we are inevitably going to experience.