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Deciding on the Ford Ranger


So where do you start when you want to choose a tow vehicle? Seems like an easy question, right? How big is your van Trusted Boilers, how much does it weigh and are you planning a life on the tarmac or the full off-road monty? Surely you work that all out and the obvious or necessary tow vehicle will present itself from all of the brochures. Well no not really.

The online literature suggests that you choose the van and then the vehicle based on needs, but rarely does theory match reality. In our case, the process became totally reversed kubikhamburg, driven by the need for a vehicle well before we had had the chance to research and choose a caravan.

Secondly, there was the age-old issue of budget made more difficult by time pressures and not having a clue what the cost of all the accessories (read toys) was going to be.

So how did we choose, or to a degree, become forced into a vehicle choice at a point where we had only just begun considering the touring lifestyle? The “I want that and I want this” type of non-process was certainly not going to work with any degree of guaranteed outcome so we asked a series of questions. Nothing too difficult but it forced us down the right path and now, in hindsight, we seem to have arrived at a pretty good point.

In describing how we chose the Ranger, I should start by stating that this is no way a guide of “how to do it”. If you find it useful then that is a bonus, but everyone’s touring dream is an individual thing and as such the questions and answers will always be different. What I would say is take your time (if you can) and enjoy the journey . Buying toys is always fun!

The ute has always been to me the most practical of vehicles. All the many available SUVs are great in their own way but where do you throw that sand, bricks or piece of furniture when you don’t have a trailer to hand? I had previously owned a manual Hilux and had taken it off road and through rivers – in short, I loved it so the choice was going to be a Ute of that size.  Again, the budget played a role in so far as we could not afford an F150, Tundra or Silverado, but so did size and since it was to be our only vehicle parking both at home xvideo ダウン and at the shops was going to be a constraint.

I test drove all of the candidates and narrowed it down to 3. The Hilux, the Ranger and the Colorado.  So-called 3.5T towing was important (I will come back to that in another post) as was diesel and an automatic gearbox.  Equally the list of available accessories. At this point, the jury of public opinion took over and the success of the Ranger against the Hilux finally helped make what was becoming a difficult choice. I should mention here that I liked the V6 Amarok and VW in general, but I wanted simple off-road controls –  2H, 4H and 4L and none of the electronics that do everything for you. I guess I am a traditionalist at heart and so the Ranger became our vehicle of choice. Visit bdsm teen for details.

Next came the challenge of the upgrades. When looking at accessories it is very easy to become entirely overwhelmed by the whole process. Not only are there numerous manufacturers but there are also multiple choices for each piece of equipment within each manufacturer’s catalogue.  It was clear I needed some sort of decision tree and so I started with what we intended to do with the vehicle.

Offroad – yes – suspension, wheels, tyres, recovery gear, compressor, front diff lock (rear already fitted) underbody protection.

Long range – yes – fuel tank upgrade, secondary fuel filter, snorkel.

Towing – yes – GVM upgrade, rear spring upgrade, airbags.

Electrical – brake controller, secondary battery, connections for caravan battery charging and anti-sway. UHF Radio.

So to make a long story short, we fitted all of the above. I won’t go into detail unless someone wants to know the actual choices. If you would like more detail or info about how we chose a specific product, by all means, drop a post below and I will get back to you.

This then, as a final note, adultgames brings me back to weight and a further article I promised above. The Ranger now weighs 2580Kg with full fuel and no passengers – a very significant weight when we get to discuss 3.5T towing “capability” of the Ranger and many other Utes.

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